Maps are useful; really useful. Why? Well, you tell us where you live, and tell us what you are into, and what you are looking for (Jobs, Meetups, Networking), and we will bring you together with the people who share the same interests.


At the end of 2011, we came up with the idea. We wanted an easier way to get in touch with technical people using the technologies that we were interested in. We started using Google Maps to share location information, but it wasn't enough. So, we built a system on top of Google Maps to do what we needed.

Why Beta?

Because Google does it, so it's cool, right? But more importantly, this little idea is not yet feature complete. We have more ideas of what we can do to make this little application more fun and more useful, but that is where you, the user, comes in. Beta allows us to respond to what you think are the right features to add.

Get in touch if you want to give us your feedback.


As with pretty much every website you will use, this site relies on an array of open source technology. At the top of the stack is the Play Framework. Play is a highly productive web application framework, aimed at making development of Web Applications in Java or Scala faster and more stable than the alternatives.

Additionally, this site makes use of: -


Developer Map was designed and developed by Wayne Ellis, the author of Introducing the Play Framework.

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